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April 2017


We were selected by Tom Ingram to be only 1 of 12 bands to record a version of "Viva Las Vegas" for a compilation CD to be given away at the 20th Anniversary of Viva Las Vegas Weekender. Plus Marc and Cliff sang back up for Jack Baymoore's Elvis Nashville Sessions Show at VLV20.


August and December 2016


The boys returned for an encore performance in France at the Bethune Retro Festival. They also played in Mexico City at the Jump n' Jive Festival!


April 2016


With another show on the main stage at Viva Las Vegas 19, we released our 4th Studio CD "Get Up and Dance". Recorded at Wallyphonic Studios by Wally Hersom available on Rhythm Bomb Records.


April 2015


They recently sang back up to Cleftone's singer Herb Cox ("Heart and Soul", Little Girl of Mine", "Can't We Be Sweethearts"), The Jive Five's Eugene Pitt ("My True Story", "Tick Tock") and Bobby Lewis ("Tossin' and Turnin", "One Track Mind") at the Viva Las Vegas 18 "Doo Wop All Stars" Show.

Ding Dong Baby Music Video 2015

March 2015


The release of their first music video shot last November 2014 by Bopflix Films at The Rhythm Riot, Camber Sands, England.

Bethune Retro Festival 2015

August 2015


The boys have been tentatively scheduled to perform at The Bethune Retro Festival in Bethune, France! This will be their 4th European appearance!

The Rhythm Riot 2014

November 2014


The boys will be returning to The Rhythm Riot, England for their 2nd appearance at one of their favorite festivals!

Ten Years and Counting 12" Vinyl LP

October 2014


Rhythm Bomb Records is releasing a 12" vinyl LP of our Greatest Hits off of our 2nd and 3rd CD's! Limited 500 quantity just in time for our 2nd appearance at The Rhythm Riot, England!

Street Corner Sessions CD

April 2014


We released our 5th CD called "Street Corner Sessions". Almost Acapella, it has minimal instrumentation and a raw "Street Corner" sound.

Viva Las Vegas 17
April 2014

By popular demand, Lil' Mo and the Dynaflos performed once again at Viva Las Vegas 17 Rockabilly Weekender to a huge enthusiastic crowd. This was their 7th appearance. They had previously performed twice during "Wild Presents", once in the Showroom, once headling at the VLV Car Show, twice headling in the Main Ballroom and once in Brendan's Pub.



April 2013

We are proud to announce we have signed a European Distribution and Recording Contract with Rhythm Bomb Records based out of Germany!

MyBabyJo Sponsorship

August 2012

We are proud to announce the sponsorship of We will be wearing snazzy stage outfits from their store. For all your vintage, retro style clothing and accessories, please visit their online store.

Acapella CD

July 2012


We are in the beginning stages of rehearsing to record a full length Acapella CD tentatively entitled "100 Proof - Acapella Hangover".

Original Hits Volume 1 CD

July 2012

Coming soon, a new CD entitled "Lil' Mo and the Dynaflos Original Hits Volume 1" which will include all their original tunes off of "In 2nd Gear" and "3rd Time's a Charm". It'll be available on this website as well as, in about a month!

Viva Las Vegas 16
June 2012

Lil' Mo and the Dynaflos will be performing once again at Viva Las Vegas 16 Rockabilly Weekender. This will be their 6th appearance. They had previously performed twice during "Wild Presents", once in the Showroom, once headling at the VLV Car Show, once headling in the Main Ballroom and next year, in Brendan's Pub Friday Night.

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